At Tazama, we collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, leveraging our collective strengths to create robust, scalable solutions for the detection and prevention of Financial Crime. Our partners include central banks, government ministries, regional economic communities, the private sector, and other key stakeholders. Here’s a closer look at our collaborative ecosystem.

Central Banks and Government Ministries

Our work with Central Banks and Government Ministries is crucial in shaping the frameworks for healthy and safe financial ecosystems. Together, we help to:

  • Develop Regulatory Frameworks: Assist in crafting policies and regulations to combat financial fraud and money laundering.
  • Implement National Strategies: Support the deployment of national strategies for financial inclusion and security.
  • Enhance Oversight Capabilities: Provide tools and training to improve oversight of financial transactions and institutions.

Regional Economic Communities

Collaboration with Regional Economic Communities helps in harmonizing efforts across borders to tackle financial crime. We support our partners in:

  • Cross-Border Regulations: Streamlining regulatory frameworks to facilitate secure, seamless transactions across nations.
  • Regional Training Programs: Conducting workshops and training sessions to raise awareness and build capacity.
  • Information Sharing: Facilitating the exchange of intelligence and best practices among member states.

Private Sector

Working with the Private Sector is vital to our mission, as these entities are often on the front-lines of financial transactions. Our collaborations include:

  • Technology Solutions: Partnering with system integrators, fintech companies and banks to develop and deploy advanced fraud detection systems.
  • Financial Crime Compliance: Assisting businesses in identifying and adopting relevant standards.
  • Innovation and Research: Engaging in joint research initiatives to explore new technologies and methodologies in fraud prevention.

Other Stakeholders

Our network of Other Stakeholders encompasses non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions, and international bodies. With them, we:

  • Advocacy and Awareness: Support campaigns to raise public awareness about the risks of financial fraud and the importance of vigilance.
  • Research and Development: Collaborate on studies and projects to better understand financial crime trends and develop effective countermeasures.
Through these partnerships, Tazama aims to create a broad and inclusive ecosystem where all stakeholders are equipped and committed to safeguarding the integrity of financial systems worldwide.