Our Core Values

At Tazama, we are driven by a mission to create a safer, more inclusive financial ecosystem, particularly for those in regions that don’t have resources. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, our open-source software transaction monitoring solution is at the forefront of fraud detection. Our work is underpinned by four foundational values: Trust, Equity, Knowledge, and Collaboration.

These values guide every aspect of our operations and reflect our commitment to protecting individuals, businesses, and economies from financial scams and fraud.


Trust is the cornerstone of our initiative. We understand the importance of protecting financial transactions and personal data against fraud and scams. Our commitment to trust ensures that all stakeholders can rely on Tazama for the safety of their transactions, fostering a reliable financial environment.


Equity is at the heart of Tazama. We strive to make financial inclusion and protection accessible to everyone, especially those in underrepresented and vulnerable communities. By prioritizing equity, we aim to level the playing field, ensuring that everyone has equal access to safe financial services.


Our approach is rooted in deep knowledge of the complexities of financial fraud and the latest in financial crime detection and prevention. Tazama is committed to leveraging this expertise to protect our users effectively. We emphasize continuous learning and evolution to stay ahead of fraudsters, ensuring our community is always protected by the most advanced techniques.


No single entity can combat financial fraud alone. Collaboration is key to our strategy, involving partnerships across financial institutions, regulatory bodies, technology partners, and the global community. Tazama values the power of working together to share resources, knowledge, and strategies for a comprehensive defense against financial crime.

By embodying these values, Tazama strives to create a world where financial transactions are safe, inclusive, and equitable for everyone.